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IT Infrastructure Services

IT transformation for your organization using the next-generation infrastructure (Accelerate your IT modernization with cloud and data center infrastructure solutions that make your organization more efficient, agile and scalable while supporting sustainability goals.)

A Better Way to Secure

Awan Maya Tech is Infrastructure Solution for Your Security

Our expertise and deep relationships with leading technology vendors help you plan, select, and deploy modern IT infrastructure, which means minimal downtime risks and a lighter load for your IT teams.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
A new era in cyber security excellence

IT Infrastructure Services

Hybrid Data-centers Combine traditional on-premises data centers and cloud-based infrastructure for a solution that’s the best of both worlds. From the latest hybrid data center technologies to complete design Deployment and Managed Services, Out Team will help you select the ideal solution: one that combine the Cyber security and control of a traditional data center with the flexibility, scalability and most efficient of the cloud environment.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

At Awan Maya Teknologi, we offer customizable options for converged and hyperconverged infrastructure to meet your needs. Our experts will help you design and implement a data center solution that maximizes your investment. Find out how our team can help your organization to achieve Simplicity; Scalability and cost effective with Continuous availability for Multiple workloads support and with achieving an Integrated security for your environment.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Data storage and protection

highly available and ability to recover with highly secured data storage are essential for any organization operations. With Awan Maya Teknologi to build a scalable storage solutions, with cost-effective options, and expert data security and protection services, you can simplify your data management, reduce cost, and easily scalable in hybrid environment for your future business operation requirement.

Hybrid Cloud

Our Hybrid cloud solutions team will be able to help your hybrid cloud environment and to help to manage more effectively. At Awan Maya Teknologi, Our team have a proven approach to deploying hybrid cloud environments—one that helps you increase efficiency for your organization.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery services.

Our Awan Maya Teknologi will help to build an effective and highly available with optimum recovery preventing catastrophic consequences, to make sure that your business operations running continuously regardless of any condition. You can also check our Scale-out storage solution with Storage Spaces Direct which is the core technology of Azure Stack HCI that uses industry-standard servers with locally attached drives to offer high availability, performance, and scalability. Using Storage Spaces Direct results in significant cost reductions compared with competing offers based on storage area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS) technologies. These benefits result from an innovative design and a wide range of enhancements, such as persistent read/write cache drives, mirror-accelerated parity, nested resiliency, and deduplication. please contact our enquiry team.

Azure Kubernetes Service
Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) and Edge Infrastructure

For branch office and edge workloads, you can minimize infrastructure costs by deploying one or two-node clusters with inexpensive witness options, such as Cloud Witness or a USB drive–based file share witness. Another factor that contributes to the lower cost of two-node clusters is support for switchless networking To learn more about this workload and how to set up, please contact our team

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with edge-local access with highly secured requirement.

Azure Stack HCI clusters are well suited for large-scale VDI deployments with RDS or equivalent third-party offerings as the virtual desktop broker. Azure Stack HCI provides additional benefits by including centralized storage and enhanced security, which simplifies protecting user data and minimizes the risk of accidental or intentional data leaks. To learn more about this workload, please contact our team.

Disaster recovery
For High performance and latency sensitive applications such as Microsoft SQL Server

Azure Stack HCI provides an additional layer of resiliency to highly available, mission-critical Always On availability groups-based deployments of SQL Server. This approach also offers extra benefits associated with the single-vendor approach, including simplified support and performance optimizations built into the underlying platform. To learn more about this workload, please contact our enquiry team

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) setup

This supplements the high availability built into Kubernetes, which automatically restarts failed containers on either the same or another VM. To learn more about this workload, please contact our enquiry team.


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