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Securing the Future of Your Business

We're not just safeguarding your present, we're securing the future of your business. Explore how our cybersecurity measures ensure longevity.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Our Story

PT Awan Maya Teknologi established in Indonesia with the support from our International key players partners. Together with our technology Partners, we are combining our experiences, knowledge base and specialties , to deliver our services in Indonesia through our PT Awan Maya team locally. In this, we ensure our services commitment to quality, delivery beyond expectations and continue to improve to meet our Customers’ business requirement which forever evolving. We specialize in IT Infrastructure Services and Cyber Security Consulting and Service with supporting from Design / Consulting through to Services on these platform. Our services will enable you to do from on-prem to Cloud, and in hybrid IT technology or modernization.

Our Mission

To solve real-world security issues

Companies face a broad range of IT threats and security compliance demands. Awan Maya Tech is here to help them address those concerns with minimal disruption and inconvenience.

To deliver an open, transparent service

IT security is a complex specialism that is constantly evolving with every new technology advance. We work hard to ensure you know what we are doing, and have all the information you need to make informed strategic decisions.

To uphold industry best-practice standards

By applying industry best-practice principles to your IT security, the risk of successful data breaches are reduced. Awan Maya Tech are CHECK certified, Cyber Scheme and Tiger Scheme, confirming our commitment to these principles.

To help you succeed

IT security breaches have the potential to destroy a business. Fidus services are designed to better protect our clients, and to give them a stable, secure IT infrastructure on which to build and grow.